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- Cocktail Markers -

To decorate the drinks cup.
To make drinks appear fancy.
Colors can be customized as clients' requirements

Decorate to dress up your boring drinks with these popular cocktail markers. Cocktail markers make every cocktail an frolic to the depths of the sea. (It’s amazing how a little bit of plastic cocktail markers can make any environment feel more like a cocktail lounge.) A colorful cocktail markers on the rim of your glass also makes a handy drink marker. Especially great Halloween theme.

Photos and Cocktail Markers Details
Desc          Monkey markers
Item no.     CW001
Desc          Mermaid markers
Item no.     CW002
Desc         Octopus markers
Item no.      CW003
Desc          Donkey markers
Item no.     CW004
Desc          4 asst. animal markers
Item no.     CW005
Remarks   giraffe,elephant,camel,bull
Desc          7 asst. markers
Item no.     CW006
Remarks   giraffe,elephant,camel,bull
Desc          8 asst. markers
Item no.     CW007
Remarks   giraffe,elephant,camel,bull
Desc          Pocker markers
Item no.     CW008