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Only showing the most sizes, because their sizes are flexible changing under no paying the mould charges. If you can't find the size(s) which is (are) your favourite, tell us the size(s) soon by email, we will confirm you if we can supply without paying mould cost or make new mould.

# O643325      
Bottom length 64mm      
Bottom width 33mm      
Height 25mm      
# O713525 # O753525    
Bottom length 71mm Bottom length 75mm    
Bottom width 35mm Bottom width 35mm    
Height 25mm Height 25mm    
# O763828 # O965036 # O115553  
Bottom length 76mm Bottom length 96mm Bottom length 115mm  
Bottom width 38mm Bottom width 50mm Bottom width 55mm  
Height 28mm Height 36mm Height 30mm