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- Skewers & Cooktail Picks -

People love to pick apart your culinary delights, and with our superb selection of bamboo skewers and
cocktail picks,they'll pick with pleasure. Whether the skewers are loopy, knotted picks, braided, beaded,
bamboo teppo skewers,or just plain straight, your catering clients will revel in all the stylish skewer options.
You'll make a powerful,creative point with your sharp and refined tastes.

Our eco-friendly skewers and picks are made from beautiful bamboo or willow, adding a wild yet upscale
mark to your catering creations. From banquet to restaurant to hotel, this disposable bamboo will show
your dedication to greencatering supplies and buffetware. Your clients will pick, devour, and enjoy your
masterpieces without guilt. Let them skewer and celebrate withe these martini picks, swizzle sticks and
bar supplies.

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